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[backroomcastingcouch] Cici Shellz – Confessions Of A Hairy Girl Next Door [2023-10-9 / 1080p]


Welcome back friends, this week we’ve got a real fun one. It’s CiCi, and she’s gotta be the most animated, energetic girl we’ve had in quite some time. She’s just the right amount of quirky and wacky for us. She’s 27, she’s polyamorous and super sexual. So she’s thinking sex-work is the work for her. She arrives and she’s wearing a very interesting get up. The bodysuit/skirt combo is one of my favorites, but she’s also got those cute little socks in those heels. It’s a very entertaining interview as Rick digs a little getting to know her. CiCi has another little surprise when it’s time to take off those clothes. She’s got an old school bush, and it is bushy. Haha we certainly weren’t expecting that, but holy cow look at it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen fur like that. It doesn’t phase her at all and she’s got her head between her legs making faces at the camera while showing some strangers her asshole. Back on the couch with a toy in hand CiCi fully embraces the show and shows us how to masturbate properly. She also gets creamy creamy creamy, she is having all kinds of fun. It’s no secret she’s a nympho, so she happily gets to work when tasked to suck my cock. She sucks and gulps on my cock before she gives us her best doggie impression in doggy style. I will say, and this is no shit, even as wet as she was, that pussy was ridiculously tight. Idk if I’ve ever felt something that tight.. and we casted a virgin years ago. Anyway her response to the resistance, “She’s very tight, you gotta use force.” Yeah that’s a quote! So we bang on the floor, we do some riding forwards and back, but when I get her on her back it’s time to really wear that pussy out. She lets me face fuck her and really get deep in that throat, then eats my ass with pleasure. We round out the day with some chair action. For the finale, Rick has her put those glasses on for a nice facial. She really liked getting covered. Back on the couch it seems like she really loved all. This work would seem to suit her, she’s just sitting there happy as a clam, face covered in cum. Even after she finds out she isn’t getting paid she’s in good spirits as she puts on that bodysuit and makes her way back into the world!

Date: October 21, 2023
Actors: Cici Shellz

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