[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Maya ( Very Pretty & Slim Thick Sexy ) [2023 / 1080p]


Today I introduce an extremely cute and Thick Assed young lady named Maya. She’s 22, nervous as fuck, and excited all wrapped up into one as most all the young girls are here. But there’s something special about Maya and it’s. . . SHE’S ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY CUTE AS A BUTTON and deliciousness mixed all together, and our “stand in” Stiff Cock’s the lucky SOB that gets to Lick and Fuck her Slit for her First Sex on Camera. That’s hot and Maya you are gorgeous. The Icon photo of her holding onto that Stiff Cock as if her life depends on it is SO FUCKING HOT and we delivered 3 earth shattering Orgasms to our lovely today which she confessed is quite rare. It’s hard to make her cum she said and we are always up for the challenge to show an inexperienced girl what Great Sex looks and feels like. Well she found out for sure and after the usual get to know each other chitchat concluded we had Maya turn around and show us that magnificent ba donka donk of a caboose she has because it’s Asstastic!!! Stiff Cock what the fuck are you waiting for man. Get over there and drive your long and hard train engine up her sweet little small perfectly pink Vagina train tunnel because this girl is awesome, willing, and as ready as they come. Putty in my hands I like to call these girls and like a virgin on a first date just tell me what to do right. Oh wait, I forgot our stiff cock likes to start things off very soft and tender don’t you, practically making love and whispering sweat nothings to the girl’s girly parts. Speak up man! We can barely hear your words of tender love as you whispered sweet treats in between soft licks of her gorgeous Clit. But who really cares if you can hear the guy talking or not because at (13:58) Maya was bent over and spreading her Thick Ass apart so we could all see why it’s your favorite part of your body. Damn, it’s becoming my favorite part of you and at (17:56) you jiggle and shake that Ass as Stiff Cock spanks and spreads you wide to show everyone your beautiful Fuck Holes. Next it’s the Pussy Licking make out session I was referring to a minute ago that segues into Maya and her perfect DSL’s wrapped around our Stiff Cock’s Cock. This girl loves to Suck Cock everyone and has her first of three Orgasms at (29:30) while Mr. Black Shirt uses the Magic Wand all over her Clit. This is also the first time two guys have ever done anything to her at the same time. Love it and so does she because during her First Real Dicking Maya kept says how fucking good it was. I’ll agree and if you love watching thick beautiful Ebony Asses bounce up and down on large white Stiff Cock’s then scrub forward to (59:10) and watch to your hearts content because its awesome. The whole scene is fucking awesome actually and I loved it when she looked up after receiving a Face Full of Cum as it was dripping down her lips and she wasn’t quite sure if she should open her mouth or not to taste his cum. Then unexpectedly kisses the head of his Penis and giggles and laughs. Wow! And that for me is the pussycats meow everyone and why I started ExCoGi. Love it, so get watching because Maya is worth watching. Toddles everyone. Steve
Orgasm Count Total – 3 (29:30, 39:48, 57:09)
P.S. There isn’t any shower footage today of Maya because she requested we not film her washing off. Hey no problem we’re really here to film you taking a Dick up your newbie Pussy and to film your first Face Fucking of your throat and to use your fresh-as-fuck orifices for our perverted enjoyment before you have to take your first Facial Ever on camera. But we’ll respect your privacy in the shower. No Problem.

Date: January 29, 2024

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