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[ExploitedCollegeGirls] RAINA – I Just Lost My Anal Virginity [2023-06-22 / 1080p]


So returning hottie Raina Rae is back everyone after losing her pornginities over at our new Girl/Girl site in a fantasy CUM true debut entitled: “She’s A Natural at This.” It was with Lena Anderson and WOW! She took to licking slit everyone like a duck takes to water. Well the water’s just fine and after she swam around in the kiddie Lez pool a bit she paddled on over to the deep end and the Adult side of the smut pool for her First Cock on Camera with Tyler Nixon entitled: “Now I’m A-Dick-Tid.” Trust me, they’re both very spank worthy because Raina’s special and she’s now back to formally take it up her Asshole for her First Ever ANAL with Tyler. Now how did we get so fucking lucky I ask? Well I hear it’s better to be lucky then good, and we’re both because Raina took it up her ass like a champ! Go girl get yours and it’s hard to believe that non of the eleven guys you’ve fucked before wanted to clean your tailpipe. Losers! And once Tyler got you naked it was strait to some Anal Play at (11:47) as he began to stretch out that sphincter with his fingers before inserting the pink Bedazzled Butt Plug up her ass at (13:02). Every girl likes a little bling bling even if it is up her ass, and once Tyler put his cock in her mouth she had her first Orgasm at (18:05) while Mr. Black Shirt used the Magic Wand on her clit. Now of course Tyler fucked her Pussy first and Double Penetrated her with Toys before the All Mighty Act of Anal Sex happened at (25:23) and are you sure girl you’ve never taken anything up there before? “Nope,” she said, and what a good little pleaser you are because Raina did all the naughty and nasty stuff you hope your girlfriend would do to you like. Ass To Pussy at (36:55) followed by the naughtiest thing of all, Ass To Mouth at (42:17) and then again at (54:01) as if she liked the taste of her septic system so much she needed more of it in her mouth. Yummy, and ok let’s see. . . Tyler Deep Throated and Dick Punched her eager mouth at (42:44) which induced the Tears of Joy and they appeared shortly and subtlety right afterwards at (43:46). They’re hard to see if you’re not paying attention. SO PAY ATTENTION!!! And then as if he needed to gag her and use her head like a therapy rag doll, he spun her around for some serious Throat Fucking on her back while her head hung over the side and you’re naughty girl! Love it, and lets see there’s some Doggy Position before more Blowjob and Raina has her second Orgasm of the day at (57:32). It’s always a good idea to give a girl a Orgasm before asking her to Lick Your Ass, which is exactly what happened, because everyone knows that EVERTHING sounds like a good idea and something you should try when you’re having Orgasms. And so she went digging deep up Tyler’s ass for a rimjob even I’m jealous of at (58:52) because I love to have my ass licked. Oh and she did lick a little butthole during the Face Fucking at (46:09) but it was so quick and meaningless I’m not sure it really can be counted, and this whole entire True Anal Love Story ended in a glorious face painting which Raina happily licked up and tasted as if starved of Cum and it was her favorite thing of all time in the whole wide world to eat. The End!
Orgasm Count Total – 2 (18:05, 57:32)

Date: October 29, 2023

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