[Fansly] RazorCandi – XCommunicated [2023-12-02 / 2160p]


This time of the year I always engage in a very special blasphemous tradition by releasing a nun themed set. This December is no different with my new Xcommunicated release. As a general vibe imagine you walk into a dark basement underneath a monastery and see a nun engaging in a very erotic blasphemous ritual.
The full photo set has 37 images with 10 in the full costume, 8 in the bikini, 13 topless and 6 full nudes with 2 of those being very spread pussy shots and 2 spread ass shots!
My Xcommunicated video is certainly not for everyone! Sometimes I just like to shoot with an extra edge both aesthetically and thematically simply because I personally find the subject kinky. Trying to keep these descriptions more brief so make sure to check out the trailer and here’s a detailed breakdown of what you’d get in this 20min video.
00:00-01:00 = ritualistic candlelight teasing;
01:00-04:00 = teasing in the full costume;
04:00-05:45 = teasing in the micro-bikini;
05:45-07:45 = topless titty play;
07:45-09:30 = standing hand masturbation;
09:30-10:45 = bent over hand masturbation;
10:45-12:45 = spread eagle hand masturbation inside pentagram;
12:45-14:45 = laying back spread dildo fucking;
14:45-18:00 = dildo riding back angle;
18:00-20:00 = vibrator induced multiple squirting orgasms;

Date: January 27, 2024
Actors: RazorCandi

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