[FrolicMe] Gina Snow & Charlie Red – Boss Bitch [1080p]


A classic lesbian femdom scene, Charlie, wearing her signature silk orange shirt, walks slowly towards the industrial glass doors of the converted barn. Her heels echo around the empty room. She turns and retraces her steps, a single light illuminating her vibrant red hair as she waits, arms crossed. Fingers tapping. The picture of a beautiful, impatient, lesbian dom.
Gina climbs the exterior stairs, her long, soft dress trailing along the ground. She pauses before the glass doors and undresses, exposing a white cut-out lingerie set and glistening pearl collar. She knocks on the door quietly, waiting for Charlie, who ushers her in without a word, locking the door behind them. They are not to be disturbed.
Inside, Charlie inspects Gina’s semi-naked body, examining her face with a critical gaze as she walks silently around her. Gina can only hope her mistress approves of the effort she’s made in following her every instruction to the letter. Lust sizzling between these two, their portrayal of lesbian femdom leaving them both breathless with anticipation while playing their parts beautifully. Trembling while awaiting the verdict, Gina burns with desire.
At last, satisfied by what she sees, boss bitch Charlie grabs Gina’s neck, tilting her body back to kiss her. Licking her skin, Charlie savours the taste of her obedient submissive as her hands squeeze her exposed breasts, rubbing at her flesh with teasing intent.
Probing further, Charlie reaches down in between her lover’s buttocks, slipping her fingers in between the juicy cleft, her touch seeking out evidence of Gina’s arousal. The wet sounds emanating from between Gina’s thighs leave us in no mistake about her devotion to her mistress’s seduction. Oh, to be at the mercy of such a gorgeous, strong woman, giving yourself over to her expert touch as she uses you for her pleasure, coaxing orgasm after orgasm from your acquiescent pussy.

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