[GirlsWay / AdultTime] Spencer Bradley, Siri Dahl Flower Delivery [18.09.22 / 1080p]


Spencer Bradley, a local florist, is on her way to deliver a large number of flowers to none other than Siri Dahl, a well-known lesbian photographer. As they are setting up the flowers on the set, however, Sir is devastated to find out that her model has canceled on short notice. Siri pleads with the agency to find her another model, but they seem to not have anyone available. Siri hangs up, wracking her brain for a solution, though unable to think of anything.
When Siri goes back to the set, her mood brightens when she sees the wonderful work that Spencer has done with the flowers. The set looks stunning, and Siri is grateful that Spencer took the initiative to make it look as gorgeous as it does now. But Siri grows glum again as she explains how all of Spencer’s hard work may have been for naught since there’s no more model to pose in front of this now purposeless display. Spencer sympathizes with Siri and determines that there’s nothing more to do than to start taking the flowers down.
As she does this, however, Siri notices how beautiful Spencer looks in the light. Has Spencer ever modeled before? Spencer chuckles- no way, she’s never done anything like that. She’s just a florist! But Siri sees something in her and convinces Spencer to give it a shot. After some hesitation, Spencer agrees and begins posing in her underwear as she holds a bouquet, with Siri loving every shot she’s taking. Siri and Spencer grow much closer during the shoot, and can’t deny that sparks are flying between them. Maybe this serendipitous circumstance will bear more fruit than just some photographs? Siri and Spencer have passionate, playful sex on the bed, making this one flower delivery that Spencer will never forget.

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