[hotmilfsfuck] Ellie – I’m Such A Lucky Girl [2023-11-19 / 1080p]


Holy Milf by definition hotness alert everyone because I don’t know what stunning features pop out first on 38-year-old Ellie. Is it her popping / busting at the seams chest and happy birthday Mr. President cleavage that just screams motorboat these twins pronto? Or perhaps it’s those full and voluptuous DSL’s that constantly have that “I’m a hottie” smirk on them because you know what? You are a hottie with super model looks girl and a body to boot that screams, ‘you’re not in my league fellas,’ but I’ll fuck all the neighborhood boyfriends or husbands if you don’t take care of business back home ladies. I’ve used that line a few times recently but seriously that’s how hot Ellie is, and we’re not fucking around today gentleman because Ellie’s a firecracker and we’ve been on a hottie streak lately with no end in sight. In fact Ellie reminds me of that Farah Facet swimsuit poster from the 80’s the way she’s sitting on the bed looking so scrumptious, and something tells me Ellie’s used to more refined gentleman the way this interview went down. She had that look of “Really?” a few times as Tyler giggled and stumbled over his questions, but lets be honest. Who wouldn’t be a little nervous if Ellie looking so hot was sitting on your bed like a present to unwrap. The present you get to do practically anything to. Well Tyler found more than a few things to do with his new present and thankfully for Ellie she’s a down to earth gal who likes to eat fish tacos down on the beach in flip-flops every now and then with a hot surfer dude like Tyler Nixon. Both of you are hot and good enough to eat and these two were hungry as fuck today with Tyler taking the first bite or lick of Ellie’s beautiful pussy from behind like it’s a bowl of yummy pistachio ice cream, and her asshole was the cherry on top. For 38 and a mother of three you have a spectacular vagina. Just saying, and the sex that followed was equally spectacular as Tyler fucked our viral Tik Tok’er in her first pro-am dicking that both her and her approving hubby back home are anxiously awaiting it’s release. Well today’s the day Mr. Hubby because today you get to see what damage a profession can do to your wife’s holes and once again Tyler painted your wife white. She loved it by the way and admitted it was the most cum she’s ever had on that pretty face of hers as she licked and sucked his stiff cock clean post facial like a good nympho. She enjoys sex alright and I enjoyed filming her having great sex. So until next weeks update I bid you all farewell, cheers! Steve.
Orgasm Count Total – 5 (15:04, 16:07, 27:15, 39:05, 56:19)

Date: January 27, 2024

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