[HotMilfsFuck] Ruby (Treat Me Like A Good Girl ) [2023 / 1080p]


Now don’t shoot the messenger people because I toyed and pondered long and hard with exactly what sites today’s absolutely gorgeous Girl / Women should be featured and debuted on, because no lie 27 year old Ruby looks 19. And I’ve had numerous and even hundreds of casting phone calls with young Girls, Women, Milfs, & Gilfs who have all told me they look waaaaaaay younger than their ages and it’s never true. Well today I can confirm unicorns do exist and Ms Ruby really does look 19 without makeup on, and all the way up until the day of the shoot I was holding out final judgments until we met in person and as soon as I walked onto set I was in turmoil. Fuck girl you really do look 19 and honestly I think you’re prettier in person and without any makeup on. That’s rare I’m telling you, so here’s my dilemma everyone. Do I put Ruby here on HMF and have members complain she’s not over 30 and without kids, or? Put a 27 year old on ExCoGi that looks 19 and hear you complain she’s not a college coed and she’s over 24. Well obviously I chose the former and with makeup on you still look 19 girl. Honestly you do and I don’t ever say this, but you really do look 19 and you all will just have to wait to see what other things we have in store for our new looking Teen / Younger Professional / College Grad Student / Milf / Struggling Actress in a Casting Role because she can play any of these which makes her perfect for the role playing porn world. OH! And I forgot to say the most important fact. Ruby loves Sex and wants it all day / every day according to her and will spend hours at home masturbating which makes her super- premoliciuosly great for porn as well. She’s also got a massively and stupendously huge crush on Tyler Nixon and wants to introduce him to her parents pronto, go engagement ring shopping and can’t wait to start planning the Wedding so they can begin their futures together which includes having tons of his babies and this type of enthusiasm will only lead to one of two things which are: 1) A dead ringer for scorchingly hot and passionate Sex, or 2) A dead bunny in the pot because when a girl wants to have your babies this badly, she’ll let you do anything to her. YES ANYTHING and for most of you Joe’s out there this means run for the hills and a dead bunny in the pot. Well Tyler can’t do that and who’d want to right? So right after we hear all about Ruby on the bed and how she’s been a long term relationship type of gal her whole life which included Sex all day /every day with her monogamous 10 boyfriends she’s had up until now, she’s primed and ready to get her naughty on. She’s also bi-curious and watches Lesbian porn when she masturbates and wants to lick her First Slit Ever real soon and experience her First Threesome as well. Well we took care of all those requests but let’s focus on her crush and the wild and earth shattering Sex she and Tyler had today because this behemoth of a scene is over 2 hours long and Tyler only fucks girls he really likes for this long. I mean who wouldn’t want to fuck a girl like Ruby for hours when she tells you her sweet spot, or “The Shocker” is her favorite thing to have done to her. She explains it at (10:15) and when you hear her sexy voice define it you just know today’s Sex will have a rating of 10.0 on The Coaster Critic’s Coaster Review Scale. It’s defined below:
A 10.0 on this scale is defined as – Superior / Transcendental – meaning: and I’m quoting their definition per their website, “I can’t find anything wrong with this coaster. It’s perfect or offers such a great experience that any minor flaws are easily overlooked. This is a roller coaster experience that can’t be missed. Coaster enthusiasts, construction workers, soccer moms, celebrities, and anyone with a pulse should ride a coaster like this. “El Toro” or “Ruby” are great examples of a 10.0 roller coaster. It’s flawless and offers a ride that’s hard to find anywhere else.” End quote. I added Ruby in there just for the effect but you get the idea.
I just love the fact that they included construction workers, soccer moms, and celebrities in the published definition. So in holding to their strict rules and guild lines we just had to have those exact types try out Ruby and she was down for the rides. Like I said, fun girl and you’ll just have to wait and watch as we release her scenes to experience the sheer exhilaration this girl delivers to everyone(s) that rode her coaster. They’re awesome and so with that I’ll say anticipation is everything, cheers everyone, and I bid you all farewell. Steve
Orgasm Count Total – 9 (20:09, 32:11, 39:16, 55:17, 56:40, 1:00:21, 1:08:19, 1:15:53, 1:35:12)

Date: January 30, 2024

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