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[LezBeBad / AdultTime] Aften Opal, Lexi Luna, Tommy King – Counselors Tough-Love Lesson (03.11.2023) [1080p]


A marriage counselor, Lexi Luna, is disappointed that a stubborn married couple, Tommy King and Aften Opal, hasn’t done their homework. You see, both wives want to be the dominant one in the relationship, which means that neither of them are satisfied, especially in the bedroom. So their homework had been to try and treat each other as equals, although Lexi can tell that they didn’t put the work in. That’s when Lexi realizes that this couple will need a bit of a… nudge… to get back on track. She uses the opportunity during their next session to punish the wives, handcuffing them together. If they aren’t willing to submit to each other, then Lexi will make sure that they BOTH submit to HER. She then deliciously dominates the wives, introducing them to a double-ended dildo for the first time. But will it be enough to make the wives change their ways??

Date: November 3, 2023

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