[LifeSelector] Veronica Leal & Blu Chanelle – The Benefit of the Doubt [2024 / 1080p]


Nobody believes you have nothing to do with your rich and beautiful wife, Alexa Flexy’s mysterious disappearance. Two of the foxiest special agents, Veronica Leal and Blu Chanelle won’t rest until you confess, and they’re willing to use every skill they have during the investigation. However, it’s not only them, who are breathing down your neck. Your wife’s step-mom, Shalina Devine and Alexa’s cute redhead sister, Lya Cutie are right at your doorstep first thing you’re back home.
They aren’t too sad about Alexa though, much more interested in finding her will. Shalina and Lya quickly team up, when they realize they have to go through you… and your body to get some answers. One thing’s for sure, you have the benefit of the doubt… for now.

Date: January 30, 2024

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