[ManyVids] YourFavoriteMommy, Mama Fiona Mom All Along [2023-07-10 / 1080p]


I wake my daughter in a familiar way. We have been doing this for months, but she thinks its her own sweet son pleasing her pussy (as he loves to do). What a surprise she gets when she lifts the covers to find out that OMG! It’s been MOM ALL ALONG! She is momentarily stunned, then she is SURPRISED! She gives in to the pleasure, naturally. I continue exploring her cunt and eventually Mommy gets her ENTIRE hand inside, fisting and filling her daughter completely! Mommy fucks with her whole hand and tongue, making her girl scream “mommy” as she cums. Then we makeout with her pussy juice all over my face. What an absolutely HOTT AND WILD family we are!!!!!

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