[OnlyTarts] Milancheek aka Milan Cheek – Birthday Girl (23.02.2024) [1080p]


Milancheek is having the best birthday ever. Her friends took her out, her boyfriend showered her gift and her family has been super generous. Even her new stepbrother has gone out of his way to make the day special. He has decorated the house, and left her a special cake, balloons and gifts. She opens up the box and is shocked to find a slutty little outfit and a collar. What kind of gift is this for an eighteen-year-old stepsister? She knows exactly what kind of gift it is and can’t wait to try it on. She has had a crush on him for a while and knows that now he can act on it. He stares at her when sees his gift on her, his cock is throbbing with a desire to finally fuck his sexy sister. He likes her in the outfit so much that he nearly tears it off of her to get her firm young breasts. She wants to see his cock and is pleased to find it is bigger than any boyfriend she has ever had and hard as a rock just for her. While it is buried in her throat she wonders how this big dick will ever fit in her tight pussy. He doesn’t make her wait for long, bending her over and stuffing the full length into her. She loves the way it feels and is cumming on his dick in no time. Wanting to show him what she can do, Milancheek does the splits on his pole and bounces so hard that they both get lost in the moment. By the time she realizes that he is shooting his load into her, it is too late to stop. She just rides it out until he slips out and she can feel his seed oozing from her. Even with the risk, this is the best birthday present she could have hoped for.

Date: February 25, 2024

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