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[Primalfetish] Penny Barber – Greedy bitch mesmerized by money [2023 / 1080p]


Penny is a very successful, very ruthless and VERY greedy corporate lawyer. She is also a mega-bitch.
Her new potential client knows all about what she is and all it takes is some magic words and a flash of money to mesmerize her into doing everything she says while acting like a bitch in heat.
Penny shows up late for her first meeting with Mr Jaye and barely pays attention to him insted of her phone, until he takes control. Now that Mr Jaye has enjoyed the show Penny has put on for him it is time to put her mouth to work
While Penny is in her office primping to use her assets to off balance a new potential client My Jaye shows up unexpectedly and establishes that HE is her priority client at all times

Date: October 21, 2023
Actors: Penny Barber

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