[TabooHeat] Lory Lace & Cory Chase – Blended Step Family – Wife Swap (Part 1) [2023-08-18 / 1080p]


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Cory Chase is wearing a blue dress and her step-sister Lory Lace is wearing a hot pink dress, as they walk over to the kitchen table and sit down. Cory tells Lory that she’s missed her and her big tits lately! Cory leans in to kiss Lory on the mouth and the step-sisters make out with each other. They both pull their dresses down, exposing their big tits to each other. They lick and suck on each other’s nipples, before they completely pull their dresses off. Now that they’re completely naked, Cory spreads her legs and Lory starts to eat her step-sister’s pussy out. Lory eats her pussy out until she cums hard in her mouth! Then, the MILF’s switch places and Cory eat’s Lory’s pussy out next. Lory asks Cory if she wants to share her husband with her, and Cory is excited to share and swap husbands! John and Luke walk into the room, and Lory grabs Luke while Cory grabs John, and they go off in separate bedrooms to have some fun…

Actors: Cory Chase / Lory Lace

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