[TabooHeat] Melanie Hicks – BBC Championship Season – The Rookie [2024.06.01 / 1080p]


Cory Chase and one of the teammates, Don Grammar, are in the team gym together this morning. ‘Hey Melanie? Can you come here please? I need you to show Don the ropes today,’ Cory shouts from across the gym. Melanie Hicks walks over towards them; She is wearing a black team shirt and black shorts. It doesn’t take Melanie long before she gets down on her knees and she pulls his BBC out from under his shorts. After she sucks his huge cock for a few minutes, Melanie stands up and strips out of her clothing. Then she lies down on the weight bench, and he starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. He moves her onto her side and he keeps fucking her pussy while staring at her big ass. Her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. A few minutes later, she moves into the doggystyle position. While he’s fucking her from behind, he grabs her ponytail and pulls her hair while he chokes her with his other hand. She hops off of his dick and she licks his cock clean, before she climbs back on top and rides his cock in the cowgirl position. Next, she lies down on the weight bench and he fucks her pussy in the missionary position. When he is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off into her mouth and she swallows it all!

Actors: Melanie Hicks

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