[Transfixed/AdultTime] Siri Dahl, Reese Rideout, Kasey Kei Sharing The Wife [2022 / 1080p]


Siri Dahl is relaxing with her husband, Reese Rideout, although she’s majorly distracted by her cellphone. Reese notices that she’s getting lots of messages and seems a little TOO happy about them. When he questions Siri about the messages, Siri tries to shrug him off, insisting that it’s nothing. But Reese only becomes all the more suspicious, especially when she continues trying to hide her cellphone screen from him.
Finally, Siri excuses herself and it’s revealed that she’s been secretly texting with Kasey Kei. When Siri calls her, Kasey asks if Siri’s talked to Reese yet but Siri admits that she hasn’t. As they chat back and forth, it’s further revealed that Siri’s been planning to surprise Reese with a threesome… and it’s now or never!
A short while later, Siri excitedly opens the front door, letting Kasey inside while sharing a kiss. Once Siri catches sight of Reese watching with surprise from the top of the stairs, she gives him a sly look, announcing that she has a naughty surprise for him…

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